Thursday, 23 October 2008

Other Scientology CUNTS #1: TOM NEWTON!

Just thought I'd take a timeout from informing you, the public, about the criminal acts commited by Oliver Schaper, to warn you about another one of Scientology's TOTAL CUNTS.

Tom Newton

Tom Newton (most likely a pseudonym) works for Scientology's Office of Special Affairs (OSA). He is what we call an 'OSAbot', that is someone employed by OSA who is chiefly tasked with scouring the internet and other media, removing or altering any anti-Scientology content, and trying to discredit and spread misinformation about Scientology's critics.

Tom Newton's contribution is running a blog on this very site, called 'Anonymous is a Hategroup', the main purpose of which is, you guessed it, spreading misinformation and lies about Anonymous. Sadly for Tom, the only people who actually read his blog are members of anonymous who like to get a cheap laugh out of it and the fact that he is EPIC FAIL of the highest order. The only real purpose Newton's blog serves is to further dig him in the shit, so that when Anonymous does come down on him, they will come down HARD (and that time is growing nearer....)

Blogging the Tom Newton Way!

1. Tom spends his days lurking on various sites frequented by Anonymous, that's how he gets his 'leads'.
No real work done there, no talent required.
2. Tom typically misquotes or partially quotes Anonymous, or takes things out of context to fit his agenda. However, he is also stupid enough to link back to the thread he got the 'lead' from, thus allowing followers of his blog to see the truth.
3. Tom makes stuff up himself. Period.
4. Tom loves re-posting old news (AKA 'stale copypasta'), especially on slow news days when he has nothing better to do.
5. Tom Newton mistakes BLACK COMEDY for actual racism and paedophilia.
One of Tom's favourite tactics is to accuse Anonymous of being racists and paedophiles (you'll find it all over his blog, and he writes about it frequently (see point 4 above), a move I like to call, 'Tom Flogging the Dead Horse). Tom obviously does not 'get' Black comedy, and so when he sees Anonymous joking about 'Nigrahs', 'Pedobear', 'Loli' etc, he thinks we actually mean it. Not so.

From Wikipedia (which sadly is also overrun with OSAbots, such as 'justallofthem'):

Black comedy, also known as black humor or dark comedy, is a sub-genre of comedy and satire where topics and events that are usually regarded as taboo (such as death, rape or domestic violence) are treated in a satirical or humorous manner. Synonyms include dark humor and morbid humor.

Get that, Tom? Obviously not.
6. Tom perpetuates Scientology's more frequent propaganda lies about Anonymous, like the one that says their roots lie in some 70's radical group.
He also conveniently fails to ever mention the distinction between the 'original Anonymous' (the online groups and 'chans' who were responsible for the hacks, DDoS attacks etc and who actually gave up on the anti-Scientology stuff because it was just a fad to them) and the current Anonymous (AKA 'Project Chanology', which grew from and then split off from the 'original Anonymous') who do all the anti-Scientology stuff like protesting.
See, the 'chans' still call themselves 'Anonymous' and reguarly bawww "we don't like the protestfags doing stuff in our name", so whenever they do something retarded like hacking Sarah Palin's email account, it is attributed to 'Anonymous', and therefore, to us. Tom Newton and his faggotry does not help matters.
7. Tom frequently blogs about 'Anonymous members' such as Mark Bunker, Tory Christman (AKA Tory Magoo) and Tommy Gorman, all of whom are not actually Anonymous. They are professional, long-time protesters who were at it long before Anonymous even existed! Tom also likes to label these people 'leaders of Anonymous'; Anonymous HAS no leaders, this is another bit of Scilon propaganda!
8. Tom practices the 'Fair Game' policy, his entire blog in fact is proof of this!
Tom has been known to post Anonymous members' personal details on his blog, threatenting to continue to do so until Anonymous 'gives up'. Sadly for Tom, the details he posts are always 'stale copypasta', but the fact he is doing it is atrocious nonetheless. (Tom was challenged to find and post The Shadow's personal details, but has still not managed to, thus again proving that he is EPIC FAIL.)
9. Tom is known to post multiple comments on his blogs, posing as lots of different people, in an effort to make it look as if his blog is generating support. How SAD can you get? Sadly for Tom, his FAIL comments can be easily spotted!
10. Tom likes to make PHYSICAL THREATS OF VIOLENCE towards members of Anonymous who comment on his blogs! Tom ususally removes these after realising what 'footbullets' they are, sadly for Tom he never manages to do it before Anonymous have saved screen captures of his threats as PROOF. More EPIC FAIL.

So that's Tom Newton in a nutshell. If you want to see for yourself his hatemongering, head on over to his EPIC FAIL blog at:

(MAKE SURE you have a 'proxy condom' or are otherwise masking your IP before you go to his site, since it is more than likely a trap to get Anonymous' members IP addresses.)



Anonymous said...

I know who you are........

The Shadow said...

Yeah Tom, you keep saying that but you don't follow through!

You're a fool, Newton....GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!!

Anonymous Akuma said...

Yeah unfortunately, This idiot is OSA and found out my details. But that's ok...he will never see what is coming....and we are putting it out in the open.

Anonymous said...

Hey there! Found your site through the link on Tom Newton's site.

...on of 'em lovely unintended consequences of his little foray into the interwebs.

Firstly, your post would be improved by having an extra line under each numbered point to improve readability.

Other than that, I have to say that your Tom-Newton-OSA connection would seem to explain a bit. I've been totally suckered into his site (quite entertaining - in a perverse way - and I love reading what the other commenters have to say and following their useful linkage).

I had been scratching my head trying to figure out what the heck this guy's deal was. Possibilities such as:

- He's just pulling all our legs for his own entertainment.

- Is poor sucker repeating what Scientology has told him to say.

- Is poor sucker who watches too much Faux news.

- Has deep psychological problems which create a deep need for conflict.

...all have run through my head. But yeah, the OSA thing probably makes the most sense, even though he's not doing a very good job of it. Is the Tom-Newton-OSA connection evidenced by anything outside of his blog, or is it more of an educated guess?

Anonymous said...

This is the real Tom Newton:

7711 NE 175th Street, Apt #D105
Kenmore, WA 98028
(425) 770-0776

Fuck him hard.